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NYC Bagel & Deli, Inc.

For me, bagels are that special weekend breakfast kind of meal. It’s not something I want to grab on the go but rather sit down and enjoy every bite. Growing up, there was this local little bagel shop down in Sarasota that served the most delicious New York style bagels, but now moving to Tampa I’ve yet to find something that is up to par. Those chain restaurants and even trying to toast one up at home will hold me over but haven’t fulfilled that craving for a good legit bagel.

Here comes New York City Bagel & Deli, Inc. I’d passed this place many of time in Palm Harbor as it was in the plaza next to another favorite New York deli of mine, but time would pass and I’d forget about it. Until this weekend.

It’s a small kind of hole in the wall deli. Nothing over the top. You walk in and your know their purpose – to serve you some delicious food. The staff are all from New York and still have those thick accents, so you know this place is authentic. While the menu offered many delicious breakfast options and freshly sliced deli sandwiches (which I will definitely be coming back to try), my eye went straight towards the glass case full of baskets of freshly baked bagels.

I was going in expecting to just order an Everything bagel with cream cheese – a classic go-to. But then I overheard the woman in front of me order a few slices of lox….

I looked up at the menu, and that’s when I saw it – the holy grail of bagel orders – a cream cheese, tomato, onion, lox and nova bagel. 


I didn’t give it a second thought.IMG_4542

I’m not sure what it is that makes a New York bagel better than others. Maybe it’s the flour, maybe it’s the water, maybe it’s just magic. My bagel sandwich came and I was in heaven. The bagel had the nice crusted outside to it, but still soft on the inside. The onion and tomato added a little acid. The lox and nova added a salty element. Finished with that creamy thick spread of cream cheese. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a lox bagel that good. Or even a bagel that good.

So the next time you’re craving a REAL bagel, you’ve got to try out this place. You’ll leave feeling happy, full, and completely satisfied.


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