Prosciutto Pasta

J. and I had some delicious dishes on our trip to Italy last summer. Upon our return home, we found a fantastic little Italian market, Mazzaro’s, that has fulfilled our need for delicious Italian coffee, wine, cheese, and meat. At least once a month, we love to go there, gather our ingredients and create a delicious Italian meal together.

I found the original recipe for tonight’s pasta in the July issue of Food Network magazine and made a few tweaks to make it for two and put our own twist on it.

Prosciutto Pasta

  • 2 large tomatoes (cherry or grape tomatoes work well too)
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups of pasta (penne, farfalle or ziti)
  • 1/2 TBSP minced garlic
  • 4 – 5 slices of prosciutto
  • Basil
  • 4oz Fresh mozzarella (really as much as you want!)
  • 1/4 cup Parmesan, shredded
  • Salt & Pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Chop up your tomatoes and toss with 2 TBSP olive oil, salt, and pepper. Be careful of how much salt you put on the tomatoes since the prosciutto will add its own salt to the dish. Place in a baking dish and roast for about 20 minutes.

Once the tomatoes are in the oven, bring water to boil and throw in your pasta.

In a saute pan, use the other 2 TBSP of olive oil to saute the garlic. I chopped up my prosciutto and thew this in the olive oil as well. The fat from the prosciutto helps extend the amount of olive oil to help create more of your sauce. When the garlic and prosciutto have browned slightly, I added this mixture to the roasted tomatoes. Take a spoon and smash the tomatoes to create a chunky sauce (this is the fun part!)

Side note: I’d never made my own tomato sauce until I first tried this dish. I was amazed how easily the tomatoes smashed into their own sauce after roasting them. You could easily create a full tomato sauce pasta with more tomatoes and a little less olive oil. Much healthier and fresher than the sauce from a jar! 

Drain your pasta and toss in the tomato sauce and mix together. When plated, top with shredded Parmesan, fresh mozzarella and a bit of basil. Voila! Delicious.

Mozzarella and tomato go so well together – the tomato adds some sweetness and acid while the mozzarella adds a creamy, rich element to the dish. The prosciutto adds a saltiness that brings everything together for a hearty pasta that will transport you right to the heart of Italy!


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