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For anyone who has a dog, or any pet, you know they quickly become a part of the family. And as a part of the family, especially on Thanksgiving, it’s hard to say no to sharing a scrap off the table.

While some food is absolutely okay to share and will make your pup the happiest kid on the block, there is also food that you should definitely keep away from them.

Here’s a breakdown of some good and bad foods for your dog to make your holiday safe and happy for all.

The Good

  • Turkey – turkey is a lean meat that is great for dogs. Make sure to keep away any skin, fat and bones.
  • Potatoes – while by themselves are a basic starch ok for dogs, make sure to keep away the butter, sour cream and cheese (so no loaded potatoes for the pup).
  • Cranberries – cranberries are fine before you make the sauce and add a bunch of sugar to it.
  • Green beans – green beans are a healthy addition to any pet’s diet.
  • Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes are full of good vitamins (just not as a part of sweet potato casserole!)
  • Carrots – carrots, without the butter are a yummy treat to share.
  • Pumpkin – a little scoop of pumpkin (not pie!) can be great for a dog’s digestion.

The Bad

  • Onions – onions, along with garlic, leeks, and scallions contain alliums that can be toxic to your pet.
  • Stuffing – the bread can cause gas in pets, but stuffing is also often full of onions and leeks which are a no-no.
  • Grapes – grapes and raisins are toxic to pets. So keep that raisin bread or fruit cake far away.
  • Anything with fake sugar – it’s also toxic to pets. Anything with too much real sugar isn’t good for them either. Stay away from desserts.
  • Chocolate – while this is well known, this also includes baking chocolate.


Feel free to share today, but most of these treats are best before adding any dairy or sugar to them. And of course, even for the good food, make sure you are still sharing in moderation, especially if it’s something your dog has never had before.

The Bark also provides a tasty recipe to make for your dog with all of the leftovers!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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