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Two Señoritas

Last weekend, I was down in Sarasota for the Sarasota Music Half Marathon. The night before the race I wanted to carbo-load, and what better way than to go eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I grew up in Sarasota and have always loved Two Señoritas. I will use any excuse to head downtown to go to this place whenever I am in town.


The atmosphere here is always loud and lively. Everything is brightly colored with touches of Spanish themed artwork. Walking in, you just know you’re heading into a good time.

Like with any good Mexican meal, we started off with some chips and salsa. I love their salsa because it’s not overly chunky but has a nice heat kick to it. I stuck to a Dos Equis, but they have a wide variety of other beers as well as delicious sangria and margaritas.

My go-to entree is the chicken enchiladas. These are topped with the most delicious sour cream sauce and served with rice and refried beans. There aren’t too many places that serve a cream sauce on their enchiladas, but I think its a perfect pairing. The shredded chicken inside is not overly spicy or over-seasoned which works so well with the heavier sour cream sauce. Each bite is just pure heaven. I try to keep a little leftover sauce to mix in with my rice as well. If I could bottle this sauce and take it home with me, I’d put it on everything.


We ended our meal with sopapillas. These were like huge elephant ears that you’d get at the fair. Light and airy dough, topped with cinnamon, sugar and honey. Definitely a sweet bite, but a nice treat to splurge on. Sometimes you just need a little something sweet to finish off the meal right. These were served warm so you knew they were fresh.

My mouth is watering just thinking about this meal again. While Sarasota has many great restaurants to choose from, Two Señoritas is the one I return to again and again.

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