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Wells Banana Bread Beer

I’m a fan of sweeter, fruitier beers. I’m actually slightly allergic to bananas, the fruit, so banana bread is not a delicious baked treat I get to enjoy. However, when I stumbled across this British beer, I had to try it, and it definitely nixes that baked goods craving, with a few less calories.

This beer is a nice light golden caramel color. Make sure to smell it first as it smells just like banana bread sitting on your kitchen counter. With very little head on this beer, it has a light and refreshing taste with a sweet first sip and banana flavoring. A slight bitter finish, but not overpowering. I like the banana taste of this beer as I feel it’s much truer to the actual fruit flavor than you’ll find in some Hefeweizen type beers.

If you like fruity beers, I highly recommend this. And if you don’t, I think its uniqueness is worth trying (at least once).

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