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Sea Dog Sunfish

Sea Dog Brewing has always been a favorite brand of mine. Owned by Shipyard, the Sea Dog beers tend to have a more fruity note to them, which I love, and think works really well in this hot Florida weather. The Clearwater location is just down the road from me (its now conjoined with Cody’s Steakhouse off US 19), which makes this a great local hangout. While the Sunfish flavor has been out for awhile, it seems to have recently dispersed into other local bars and restaurants, and is certainly worth a try.

This beer is a medium amber color with very little head around the ring of the glass. I love the smell of this beer, very sweet smell with an aroma of peach and grapefruit. This is a wheat beer, so the flavor has that wheat base with hints of tart grapefruit. Very tangy, bright, and refreshing. Not overly sweet, and certainly not as sweet as it smells.

I love all of the Sea Dog beers, but Sunfish may be my new favorite, especially as we head into summer.

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