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The Twisted Iron

A few weeks ago, J. and I went to the Spring Fling Beer Thing in downtown St. Petersburg. While we had many of the beers that were featured there before, the event was a lot of fun with live music and a whole parade of food trucks. One of my dreams is to own my own food truck, so I love seeing events like this were so many can attend and showcase their food. J. and I had the hardest time choosing between them (our stomachs are only so big!), but ended up settling on The Twisted Iron.


The Twisted Iron does a play off of waffles, with the tag line of “Waffles, not just for breakfast anymore!” Their menu changes often but is full of sweet (like bananas and Nutella) and salty (like chicken and waffles) options.

Even though I had given up french fries for Lent, the BBQ waffle fries were calling my name. And boy was it worth it! Seasoned waffle fries, perfectly crisp, were topped with cheese, BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, and scallions. For anyone that loves BBQ, this was a perfect meal. The crispness of the fries held up to all of the wet toppings. The BBQ pork added some tang that mixed perfectly with the sweetness of the coleslaw and bite of the scallions. And of course everything is better with cheese.

The staff was friendly and the food came out fast and piping hot! Like them on Facebook to follow them around Tampa and see where they will be every week. This food truck will have something to curb any craving you may have.


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