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JDub’s Bell Cow

A few weeks, I attended the Lakeland Craft Beerfest. I love events like this because they do a great job of inviting and showcasing local craft breweries. One that caught my eye was JDub’s, based in  Sarasota, where I grew up.

That day, I tried their beer, “Poolside,” a light a refreshing Kolsch Ale that is appropriately named. They had run out of their “Bell Cow,” a milk chocolate porter, so when I stumbled across it at Total Wine, I couldn’t wait to try it.

When poured from the can, it had a medium head that dissolved quickly. It smelled sweet, with hints of chocolate and malt. The taste followed through, tasting like chocolate milk with a bit of a bitter malt aftertaste, but smooth finish.

If you’re looking for an adult “chocolate milk,” this beer is definitely for you!

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