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Brew Hub Keybilly

Keybilly is one of the original craft beers made at the Brew Hub in Lakeland. Visiting the Brew Hub is on my list of places to visit, but  I’m lucky to have been able to try a handful of their beers from Total Wine and local beer fests. Keybilly Island Ale definitely stood out as my favorite.

I’m not the biggest fan of key limes or key lime pie, but this beer is a good mix of not too tart and not too sweet. Just like with a lemon or orange, the lime adds that hint of acid that is great in a beer.

The color is a surprisingly dark amber color. It has a light smell of wheat and citrus. It has a medium body, something you want to sip and enjoy. Not overly sweet with a key lime aftertaste. Very refreshing and something different to add to the mix as we head into summer.

P.S. I think the design of the can is really fun and summery too!

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