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The Moon Under Water

This past weekend one of J. and my great friends from college was down visiting in Tampa. We of course couldn’t pass up a chance to go out with him like old times. We decided to head out to downtown St. Pete and our first stop was at The Moon Under Water.

This classic British tavern was everything you’d expect it to be. Dark, and somewhat mysterious, with dark red walls, beer on the wall, and flags hanging from the ceiling, it still gave off a comforting atmosphere that makes you want to come back again. As a college history major,  I loved the old maps on the walls and the story behind their name.


“On entering a Tavern, a Recruiting Sergeant would very often sit next to some drunkard oaf and secretly drop the Queen’s shilling into the man’s pewter tankard. When the drunkard lifted the tankard and the ale touched his lips he was regarded as having accepted the Queen’s shilling and was in the British Army. As means of countering this practice, the glass bottomed pewter tankard was introduced so that if a customer was in the least bit suspicious as to whether a coin had been dropped into his tankard, he could hold it up and look underneath before taking a drink. The sight of the Queen’s shilling under the ale with froth above was likened to that of “The Moon Under Water.”

There were so many things on the menu I wanted to try but ended up going with curry. I’d never had curry before, but was willing to take a shot, and I’m so glad I did. I ordered the Chicken Malay Malaysian Curry, aromatic coconut curry finished with potatoes. It was served with basmati rice and naan bread. I’m glad I went with the coconut curry because it was the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. The flavor was strong, but not overly coconut-y, just enough to curb the heat. The chicken was plentiful and tender. The sauce was thick, creamy and delicious to eat on its own like broth, spoon over the rice, or to dip naan into. Three days later, I’m still thinking about this meal and can’t wait to go back and get it again. 

Jeff got the chicken pot pie (not pictured). The sauce was creamy and thick, perfect to get soaked up by the puff pastry topping. He was kind enough to say my recipe was better, but that’s probably only because I don’t use peas 🙂

Next time you head over to downtown St. Pete, please take a stop inside The Moon Under Water. Whether for dinner, or a drink, you’ll be transported back to 18th century Britain and you’ll love every second of it.

Until next time!


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