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Brady’s Backyard BBQ

J. and I stumbled across Brady’s Backyard BBQ, in Safety Harbor, several years ago when we were in search of a halfway point to meet for lunch. Ever since, it’s been our go-to BBQ place. This past weekend, we were meeting some friends over at Crooked Thumb Brewery and thought of no better place to grab dinner beforehand than Brady’s.

Brady’s is a little joint restaurant right off of Main Street. There is a bar that you can access from outside or inside the restaurant.  Inside, you’ll find picnic tables (complete with red and white checkered tablecloths) to give that backyard feel. The walls are adorned with license plates, beer, and BBQ signs. Very casual, but exactly what’d you’d want in down-to-earth Safety Harbor (and in from BBQ joint).

They have a smoke room behind the restaurant where they smoke all of their meat. Everything is fresh and you can tell the meat has taken it’s time smoking for hours and hours in the back.

I got their pulled pork sandwich with sides of black eyed peas and cornbread pudding (and chips and a pickle). Their pulled pork is shredded into large chunks and just melts in your mouth. It does not taste overly smokey which I love because it doesn’t overpower it – you can still actually taste the meat itself. This is from them smoking the meat low and slow in red oak and light alder wood (not the typical hickory or mesquite you may find elsewhere).

They have three types of BBQ sauce – regular, hot, and mango. I’m a big fan of the regular and mango. Neither or overly sweet, and the mango adds a nice fruitiness that’s just different and fun. J. of course loves their hot!!

Usually I get their baked beans, but unfortunately they’d run out so I got black eyed peas instead. They were cooked well and served in a spicy sauce that definitely had a kick to it. But their cornbread pudding – that is the real star side dish here. The consistency is just perfect, solid enough to hold its form, but softer than a normal baked good. Light and sweet with a little texture added with corn kernels baked right in. I get this every single time I come to Brady’s and my mouth waters just thinking about it. I truly can’t talk it up enough.

J. got their brisket sandwich (and cornbread pudding). Their brisket is phenomenal. Just like the pork, it just melts in your mouth. Not overly salty, nor overly fatty. You don’t need to put much BBQ sauce (if any) on it at all. The flavors of the meat itself are just enough.

So the next time you find yourself over near Safety Harbor, you have to stop by Brady’s! Their slow smoked BBQ will not disappoint.

P.S. They also have takeout and catering options!

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