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Sophora Sparkling Rose

J. and I went to Flemings a few weeks ago for their Brunch and Bubbles brunch event. We had beautiful courses paired with different sparkling wines meant to complement and bring out the flavors of the food. While I enjoyed each sparkling wine we tried in its own way, my favorite deserved a spotlight – Sophora Sparkling Rosé from New Zealand.

You’ll of course be able to quickly spot a rosé by it’s pinkish tint color. Sophora had a beautiful light-blush color made from a blend of 52% Chardonnay and 48% Pinot Noir grapes. The aroma is light and floral. The taste is off-dry with hints of fruit and berries. It’s not ultra-light, more medium-bodied, but still extremely refreshing. And of course the delightful little bubbles add that spritz-y/bubbly feel we know and love from any sparkling wine.

At our brunch, the Sophora Sparking Rosé was paired with beef tenderloin with eggs and potato hash. It’s body and taste paired nicely with the heavier dish, yet was not overpowered by it. Overall, this would be a wonderful pairing with heavier meat dishes, like barbeque. As we head into the heat of summer, this will certainly be the perfect accompaniment.

 Plus, it’s won some pretty fancy awards:
  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition, 2016: Silver
  • The TEXSOM International Wine Awards, 2016: Bronze
  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition, 2015: Silver
  • The TEXSOM International Wine Awards, 2015: Gold
  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition, 2014: Gold

Be sure to learn more about Distinguished Vineyards, the vineyard that makes Sophora and many other wonderful wines!


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