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Luna Nuda Prosecco

While J. and I love going out for brunch, some weekends we’d just rather lay low in our pajamas. When we do, I typically whip up a brunch-esque meal, whether that’s Belgian waffles, omelettes, or just scrambled eggs and bacon, always accompanied by some bubbles. For our last at home brunch, we picked up a bottle of Luna Nuda Italian Prosecco.

Prosecco, and the Glera grapes its made from, come from the Veneto region of Italy.  Its production method also differs from champagne and cava, making prosecco the lightest and least bubbly of all the sparkling wines. Prosecco is dry, but due to the Glera grape’s fruity flavors, it balances out well.

Luna Nuda is light, yet still delivers some complex flavors of a heavier wine. The flavors are balanced, slightly sweet with hints of peach and honey with a finish that is nice, clean, and refreshing. It pairs well with seafood, cured meats, light appetizers, quiche, and popcorn! And prosecco is also the perfect sparkling wine for a Bellini.



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