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Mr. Dunderbak’s

Have you ever stepped into a restaurant, bar, or store and felt you were instantly transported somewhere new? That’s how I felt when I first stepped into Mr. Dunderbak’s Biergarten in Tampa Palms. It was like I was transported straight to Munich, or at least what I imagine Munich to be like.

Mr. Dunderbak’s opened in 1974 offering up their own unique twists on classic Bavarian dishes – “Oma’s recipes, a little Americanized over the generations, but with a clear Swabisch heritage.” The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the inside is built to look like a little Bavarian cottage with long communal  tables (from the Hofbrau haus in Munich), animal heads, signs, and German flags mounted to the wall and ceiling, and a small little gazebo in the middle of the room where the typically have live music on the weekends. On both sides you’ll find two bars serving up a wide variety of European beers and some that they also brew in house.  Their staff was super friendly and made you feel right at home.

I started with a cup of their beer cheese soup that was thick, creamy, and delicious with just that right amount of beer to get the taste without being overwhelming. It paired nicely with my HPschorr Oktoberfest-Marzen beer.

For my meal, I ordered their sour cream veal schnitzel smothered in a sour cream, white wine, and mushroom gravy, served with sweet and sour potato salad and potato pancakes. The schnitzel was fried to perfection, hot and crisp on the outside but the veal was still tender on the inside. The sour cream sauce was rich and decadent with large pieces of mushroom (which I loved). I’d never had sweet and sour potato salad before but I gladly will again. It was served warm with a nice tangy flavor that paired well with my heavy veal dish. The potato pancakes were thick and soft, served with the classic sides of sour cream and applesauce. The portions are huge and I could barely finish this plate, but boy did I try my hardest.

They also have a wide variety of deli meats, sandwiches,  Wurstspezialitaten (sausages), and other classic German favorites. All of their meals are cooked to order and almost everything is made in house. It’s quality like that, that truly makes a difference in the food. You just can’t go wrong.

With a group of our friends planning to go to Oktoberfest in Munich next fall, I see Mr. Dunderbak’s being a great staple of our diets, prepping us for all the delicious food and beer Germany has to offer. So make your way over to Mr. Dunderbak’s and step into a little piece of Germany right in our own backyards.

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