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The Blind Goat

J. and I are on a mission to not repeat brunch spots for the rest of the year. While that may not be the most realistic thing to accomplish (as we do have our favorites) it’s a good goal to work towards. And even better motivation is a coupon, or a Groupon, for a good brunch deal. And with Groupon in hand for bottomless mimosas, this past Sunday we made our way over to South Tampa to The Blind Goat.

I want start out with the name, as at first I just thought it was something fun and clever, or perhaps someone owned a blind goat as a child. But the story behind it (grabbed straight from their website) is so much better than that:

“During the prohibition era, those in the know often knew speakeasies as Blind Pig or Blind Tiger. Given their secretive status and presence in the underbelly of the cities of the era, these namesake animals were more than appropriate. For our purposes, however, no tiger or pig would do. In searching for the perfect representation for our concept, we wanted to choose an animal that was resourceful, amiable, and has stood the test of time. In our opinion, there is no animal that represents these characteristics better than the goat; an animal that has been ever present in acting as a source of nourishment and companionship for humans since the beginning of our existence.”

Their atmosphere speaks to name, with dark walls and ceiling, plenty of tables, high tops, and bar stools, and games like pool and darts – perfect for friends to eat, drink, and socialize. The “happy hour hot spot, designed for the social, working adult.”

Their brunch menu also emitted their unique atmosphere. J. and I of course got the bottomless mimosas (they also offer bottomless beer and bloody marys) and helped ourselves to the juice bar with plenty of options for juice mixes and bloody mary accouterments. Our waitresses were diligent about topping our glasses with champagne so we never went empty. We then split the “totchos” – crispy hash browns topped with salsa, jalapenos, sour cream, and mozzarella cheese (we got ours with a side of buffalo sauce) and the breakfast pizza – topped with pancetta, tomatoes, fresh garlic, two sunny side up eggs, ricotta, and mozzarella.

I’ve had tator tot nachos before, but these were an amazing brunch version. It’s a great mix with the crispy tops of the shredded hash browns (that stayed crispy) and softer hash browns underneath. Cheese combines each strand of the hash brown into amazing stringy goodness. The breakfast pizza had the thinnest crust I’ve ever had. While it was a little burnt around some of the edges, it was seasoned extremely well. The tomatoes and runny egg substituted the pizza sauce, the pancetta added a nice saltiness, and the two different cheeses just melded it all together.  J. and I were both raving about the pizza and will probably each get our own next time!

This was the perfect, dark, little getaway for brunch and I’m excited to return for a fun night out for happy hour and dinner with friends. This will definitely be on our rotation for years to come.

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