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Restaurant Spotlight

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    The Pint and Brew

    The Pint and Brew is a great local pub tucked away in a small shopping plaza in Palm Harbor. But don’t let this little place fool you – their beers and…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Thai Prime

    Our friends had been raving about Thai Prime since it opened. Having often frequented Cooper’s Hawk and Kona Grill in the same plaza off of Boy Scout Boulevard, it took us far…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Daily Eats

    When J. was out of town a few weeks ago, some of the girls and I decided to get together for a Sunday Girl’s Brunch. Trying to meet somewhere between the…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Lucky Dill

    When J. first moved to Tampa several years ago, I still lived in Orlando. Whenever I’d come to visit, we’d try somewhere local and new to explore the area. One of…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Taco Bus

    It’s hard to find a person in the Tampa area who hasn’t heard of Taco Bus. And out of those, it’s just as hard to find someone who doesn’t love it.…

  • Restaurant Spotlight

    Four Green Fields

    One of J.’s greatest accomplishments is making me a hockey fan. And not just a hockey fan, but a Tampa Bay Lightning fan. We frequent a handful of games throughout the…