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  • Brewing Arts Program

    Fermentation Technologies

    Module 06: Fermentation Technologies Now we’re getting to the good stuff – fermentation. AKA, the process that makes wort turn into beer!  There are three needs that the brewer needs to…

  • Brewing Arts Program

    Microbiology Essentials

    Module 05: Microbiology Essentials Module 5 brought me right back to chemistry class once again, as we dove into the microbiology behind brewing – aka what is yeast, how does it…

  • Brewing Arts Program

    The Brewhouse

    Module 04: The Brewhouse In Module four, we jumped right into equipment for the brewhouse and then how this equipment and procedures are applied to the fermentation process including: Brewhouse Configuration…

  • Brewing Arts Program

    Hops Essentials

    Module 03: Hops Module three was all about hops – everything you ever wanted to know and more. This session went super in depth into the different products and flavors of…

  • Brewing Arts Program

    USFSP Brewing Arts Program

    Hi fellow foodies! 2018 has already been a whirlwind, and it’s only the end of February! Between a new job, a new puppy, a couple different trips, and starting classes –…