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    Parmesan Crusted Chicken

    J. really likes chicken parmesan. It’s often his go-to item on an Italian restaurant’s menu. I, on the other hand, don’t eat a lot of breaded chicken – I find it…

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    Parmesan Risotto

    A few months ago, J. had some delicious homemade risotto at Casa Cosenza. Then on our honeymoon, J. and I had some amazing saffron and pumpkin risotto in Milan. It was…

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    Mac and Cheese

    J. and I hosted Easter this past weekend for our families. I always like to take events like the holidays or a party to try out new recipes. While I consider…

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    Oh My Mozzarella

    My love for cheese goes beyond what words can describe. Last summer, J. and I went to Italy and that is where my love of Mozzarella cheese truly blossomed. A classic…

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    Classy Crostinis

    This past Saturday, J. and I hosted our third annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! This party is my favorite to host and I always take this opportunity to try out new…